Google Glass through the eyes of an early adopter [Video]

Google Glass through the eyes of an early adopter [Video]
One of them was avid bicyclist and science-fiction writer Margo Rowder, who was invited to pick up the high-tech eyewear at a Google office in Los Angeles. All those selected to buy the glasses must pick them up at a Google office and go through a …
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New Gmail Inbox: Google Unveils Email Changes, Customizable Tabs (VIDEO)
Get ready, Gmail users: Google is preparing to roll out the new Gmail inbox with some slight adjustments. In a blog, posted Wednesday, Google revealed changes to its email inbox design, including customizable tabs. The categorized tabs will also be …
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Is that a new Nexus 7 in the Google Maps video?
A Google Maps video which went live just a few short days ago may provide our first glimpse at the next Nexus 7 tablet. You'll notice around the :50 mark that an unknown tablet makes a fleeting appearance. While it definitely could be the next …
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